Bonkers, but True!

Last Sunday it was good to welcome back café church after a 2-year break. I love the informal atmosphere and interaction created by a family meeting together, eating together and looking at a familiar Easter theme from a different perspective. To help us delve behind the written word, and seek to experience what it may have been like to be a part of the crowd on Palm Sunday, we entered the world of the foreign correspondent and Jon introduced us to the Vox Pop and gave us an example from the streets of Jerusalem,…REPORTER: “Yes, it’s a busy week in Jerusalem leading up to the Jewish Passover Festival next weekend. But we’re seeing extraordinary scenes this morning, because the itinerant preacher known as Jesus is heading into the city. Bizarrely, he’s sitting on a donkey which I suspect isn’t what many people were expecting. But they’ve been cheering him, and even putting branches from palm trees on the road for him. I’ve been speaking to some of the crowd who tell me that he recently raised someone from the dead, although that hasn’t been independently verified. It seems the leaders of the synagogue aren’t very happy about his arrival. We hope to hear from them in the next hour of the programme.” We had several other excellent reports from the scene but the standout word which possibly best described the crowd’s actions was ‘bonkers!’ Easter Sunday is possibly the most important day in the Christian calendar as we proclaim once again that Jesus has risen and is alive, flesh and blood, which means Jesus has conquered the grave! The resurrection is the lynchpin on which all the gospel hangs, the guarantee that all the gospel promises are true and the certainty that all the Bible reveals about God is true. It is very possible that the word ‘bonkers’ may be used to describe us as we gather in church to celebrate this truth on Sunday. I recently read of a fisherman who arrived at an Australian zoo with an injured penguin. The angler swore it fell from the sky, landing on him while fishing. The vet told him it was impossible, as penguins can’t fly. But the odd story became more plausible once they examined the bird’s injuries. They noticed puncture wounds consistent with sea eagle talons, and broken ribs from a fall. The Zoo team guessed the penguin was snatched from the sea, then dropped by its predator. Let’s be prepared to point people to the right place to examine the evidence for themselves before they dismiss the historical claim that Jesus is alive. 1 Cor.4v10 “Our dedication to Christ makes us look like fools.” Bryan