Get Your Feet Wet!

While we’re not able to meet together at church, we’re going through the book of Joshua.  Here are Claire’s thoughts from chapter 3:

My reflections on Joshua 3 came in the wrong order.  It was verses 7-17 that amazed me. (v15) Now the Jordan is at flood stage all during harvest. Yet as soon as the priests who carried the ark reached the Jordan and their feet touched the water’s edge, 16 the water from upstream stopped flowing.  Wow such faith – but we know when we stop and think that our God is awesome and does amazing things.  Then verses 1-6 hit me – God used Joshua to ensure all were organised, had specific instructions which they followed and they were prepared.  Consecrate (v5 ) is defined as making a conscious, willing decision to dedicate your soul, mind, heart, and body to God. Only you can make the decision to consecrate yourself to God.  The verses 1-6 showed me the steps we can take to see God working with our faith.  Hope this challenges you to get ‘your feet wet’


And these are some thoughts from other members of the church:

  • Chapter 3 talks a lot about the faith of the leaders who took the first steps into the river – so it is important to keep our leaders in daily prayer as we seek God’s will for our church.
  • the river is in full flood when they are about to cross and it is often when things seem the most impossible that God shows his strength in our weakness.
  • I need more courage to tell people about Jesus
  • Why does our faith matter to God? We need faith in Jesus and his cross to have prayers in his name answered.
  • Whilst their instruction came from the Lord and ours, to stay 2000 mm (2 meters) away from others as we socially distance, comes from our government, our situation helped me to picture this verse in a new way.
  • Wandering days over, God’s people gear up for battle, eyes fixed on following their powerful God!

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