God’s Not Restricted!

It’s been an amazing week in our household. The restrictions on travel meant we were unable to attend our son’s wedding in Canada last Friday, but we were here! All of the technology worked; the livestream of the service was simple, powerful and beautiful; the sense of occasion wasn’t lost by the separation even though they were only allowed 20 in church in Canada and we had 20 family and friends “at home” in the garden. Even my family in Australia were on the livestream!! Most important of all, the bride and groom could make their vows before God, the church and all of us. The Covid pandemic has shown us just how we have had to adapt and change but that some things never change. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. We’d all have loved to be together on their special day and there’ll be a time sometime relatively soon when we can meet in person, but while the restrictions continue we thank God that He has equipped us to achieve amazing and new things. His purposes are not restricted, even by a pandemic. Continue to serve God each day. Look for ways to do the things He calls you to do, helping one another, praying for each other and sharing the Good News of Jesus in your life with those you have contact. Ian.