It’s a Question of Love!

Last week Mandy & I went to visit my niece who just happened to be spending February living nearby on the other side of the river. My niece is a unique individual, she is a bit of a free spirit with a strong independent streak. She lives most of the year in a vintage touring caravan, except for this one month, when she has to vacate it and find alternative accommodation. This year she had decided to purchase a tent and pitch it in a woodland designated for off grid camping. When we arrived, she directed us across a sheep field to a gate and there, in among the trees, totally on its own, was her tent. There was no sign of what we might consider essentials, except for a small solar panel which only provided sufficient power to charge her one luxury, her phone. We set up our camping chairs and sat expectantly around the yet to be lit fire. If you have experienced it, you’ll know that there is an inordinate amount of fun to be had in lighting and sitting round a camp fire. Once the fire was established, we were very surprised when we were presented with some delicious, hot, homemade lentil soup. We then spent a couple of very enjoyable hours, watching the fire, eating, laughing and talking together. We left with a real appreciation of the lengths she had gone to to make our visit special. I learnt a valuable lesson that day. How easy it is for us to make judgements of others based on what we feel comfortable with. “So we have stopped evaluating others from a human point of view. At one time we thought of Christ merely from a human point of view. How differently we know him now!” 2 Cor. 5v16 (NLT). Let’s pray and ask our heavenly Father, the source of all love, to empower us so that we can bring something of His unfailing love in to our community and be prepared to be a truly welcoming church to everyone who walks through our doors. Bryan