Peace is Important!

“So then, we must always aim at those things that bring peace and that help strengthen one another.” Romans 14:19 (Good News Translation) “The peace of God which passes understanding” is what we should aim for. Inner peace basically comes from trusting God and His word. We know that God is in control, and that nothing happens to us unless He has allowed it, so we can have peace when bad things happen to us. We can ask for God’s help when things get too much and we know that He will give it to us. A hopefully helpful mnemonic is FORT:
Focus on God and His promises
Obey God – you can’t have peace if you know that you are not doing the right thing!
Realise that you have limits: do what you can do and let God do the rest
Trust God to be God!
Peace is important. Life today is loud and hectic. It is no wonder that we need to find the peace of God so that we can live our lives in a way that is pleasing to Him and in a way that can bring
calmness to the lives of other people. Claire