Pray, don’t murmur!

If you’re like me, you were probably eagerly awaiting the Prime Minister’s recent statement revealing our way out of lockdown. I wonder, how this news left you feeling? Perhaps confused, disappointed, relieved or fearful. One phrase from chapter 9 of Joshua stands out to me as I have heard and read various news reports. It’s the latter part of verse 18 “Then all the congregation murmured against the leaders.” In our present situation there may be some who feel they have good reason to question the decisions of our political leaders but how have God’s people come to this, after their victory at Ai and their subsequent covenant renewal with God? Please spend a moment to pray for our Government, pray for the eradication of Covid 19 and for a spiritual awakening across our nation. Now, pray and ask God to open your heart and your mind so that you will be blessed, encouraged and challenged by this passage.