Take time to reflect on God’s guidance

‘Your word is a lamp for my feet,a light on my path.’ Psalm 119 vs 105. On Wednesday night we spent some time considering how God has guided people in the Bible and then we spent time reflecting on how He has guided each of us. It was good to take some time to acknowledge His guidance over the years and how we were not the people we were when we first invited the Lord into our lives. I found this verse really powerful because it reminds us that He’s not only lighting up the path for us to follow but that He is lighting our feet so that we can see the path more clearly and it should reduce the risk of stumbling. When did you last pause to reflect on the path that God has been guiding you on? When we are in the midst of living our day-to-day lives we often do not realise the changes that God has been making; I’d like to encourage you this week  to take some time to reflect on how God has been changing you and give Him thanks. Ali