The Best Is Yet To Come!

December 31st 2019 has a special significance for me. At midnight on New Year’s Eve, after 42 years, my registration as a pharmaceutical chemist finally came to an end and I said goodbye to a career which had never really lived up to expectations. Looking back I asked myself, “How did it happen?” I would readily admit that there had been too many distractions for me to succeed at A-level! After that my Dad took control, finding me a late entry to Strathclyde University to study Pharmacy. It may have seemed like his idea but I now know it was God who opened that door so that I might make the friends who would introduce me to Jesus. I had long since turned my back on the staid religion of my parents, so what opened my eyes? I experienced being part of a community that enjoyed knowing Jesus combined with someone explaining simply, for the first time what Christianity was all about. It made so much sense and I remember lying on my bed afterwards praying to accept God’s gift, and inviting Jesus in to my life. My faith journey has paralleled my career; there have been ups and downs in both but whereas one has finished, with Jesus the best is yet to come! “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. “ John 3.16. Bryan