What We Believe

Wooo! That sounds heavy! Don’t panic! Our first belief is that our beliefs are simple.

  • We believe that everything we need to know about God, His world and us people is in the Bible.
  • We believe that God made everything including us, and He keeps it going, and He is working to a plan for an incredible completion.
  • We believe that we’ve messed up our lives and world by turning our backs on God and His plans.
  • We believe that Jesus shows us how to get back on good terms with God again.
  • We believe Jesus died for our sin on the cross, sorting out the breakdown between us and God and so enabling us to be friends with God again.
  • We believe that if we turn back to God by trusting Jesus and His death and resurrection for us we become God’s children, with great resources and potential to help us serve Him.
  • We believe that Jesus gives us His Spirit to help us become like Him, and tell others about Him.
  • We believe that the church is a world wide community of God’s special people – his advertisement to a world in need.
  • We believe that if we follow Jesus we have a great future with God for ever.

If that’s not heavy enough, we’re members of GEAR (that’s “Group for Evangelism and Renewal”) and you can see our joint statement of faith here.  Or if you want to ask any more, you can contact us via info@westdentonchurch.co.uk