Resting in God’s Presence.

Thoughts from this week were captured on Pause for Thought today, which you can hear here.  Where do you pray? Or Where do you go to pray? Where do you feel most comfortable? On a chair, beanbag, big cushion, hammock, on the lawn or sand…….?  Sometimes we may feel it’s easier to pray if we’re somewhere we feel God’s presence stronger or just simply when we’re sitting on something comfortable. Read Matthew 11:28-29. God promises to provide rest for the weary & to comfort those who place their burdens in his care. Consider the ‘burdens’ you may be struggling to carry alone & admit that you need to hand them over to God. When you pray this week, wherever that may be & maybe sitting on something, spend some time silently resting in God’s presence. Let your daily concerns go, or name them in prayer & give them over to God.  Take some time to stop, be still, rest & prayerfully commit your burdens into his hands. Try to still your mind, letting go of any concerns & your awareness of time passing. Focus purely on God & use a Bible verse to focus on, maybe Psalm 46 v10. ‘Be still and know that I am Lord’, to aid your prayer & reflection. When you feel ready, stand up, leaving your burdens with God & trusting him for the strength you need.