This picture shows some of the autumn colours we discovered at Dyrham Park, near Bath. We had a brief encounter last week of what life is like under Tier One restrictions when we travelled down to meet our daughter and her husband here for a walk and a quick catch up! This property is in the hands of the National Trust and boasts extensive grounds and a magnificent house, gardens and its own adjacent church, all nestling in a hollow. As we approached the property various questions filled my mind; what was life like for the families that had lived here? What was their relationship with the people who served them and lived near them? Had they fulfilled their dreams? Did any of them trust in God and honour Him in the way they lived their lives and used their wealth? Questions are very much on my mind this week and I would like to ask you a question to consider: what is the best news you’ve ever heard? Try following this link and watch the video. If you would like to find out more then please email Bryan.