Don’t Be An Island!

Recently, Mandy and I spent a week in Embleton, although this wasn’t a holiday in the strict sense of the word, since we were house sitting, cousin sitting and dog sitting! In reality it was a bit of a break as I love the sea and the Northumberland coast in particular. Whilst we were there I took the opportunity, on a sunny day, to cycle up to Bamburgh. Some purists may challenge my use of the term cycle as nowadays I tend to favour using my e-bike, which, I must stress, still involves turning the pedals! And anyway, it’s more fun! I eventually found a quiet spot at the end of ‘the Wynding’ overlooking Holy Island. That viewpoint came back to me this week when I discovered that last Monday was the Feast Day of Aidan of Lindisfarne, who died in 651AD. He was a generous hero of mission and prayer, who established a Christian community on this island. However, being on an island didn’t isolate him from his call to make disciples and he was renowned for travelling ceaselessly throughout the countryside, spreading the gospel to both the Anglo-Saxon nobility and the poor. In considering this, I have to confess that my thoughts are continually being drawn to the good news of Jesus and I can’t help thinking that we too mustn’t allow ourselves to become like an island, but continually strive to share this good news of rescue. We have been entrusted with a mission, so let’s pray for the same generous heart of Aidan and the passion that caused Peter to say in Acts 4.20 “We cannot stop telling about everything we have seen and heard.” Bryan.