Let go and let God!

I entrust my Spirit into Your hand’ Psalm 31 vs 5. Last Sunday I used this verse as an introduction to our time of prayer. The word ‘entrust’ means to confide, to commit, to leave with and this prayer was spoken by David; Stephen as he was being stoned and by Jesus as He was hung on the cross. Each of these men yielded their lives into the hands of almighty God, for they knew His hands are the instruments of His power. God also beckons us to entrust our hopes and dreams and all that we are and have to Him. We are called to commit every worry and burden to his care and to leave our lives in His powerful hands. On Sunday we brought our prayers to Him and we ‘let go and let God’. Can I encourage you this week and in the weeks ahead to continue to ‘let go and let God’ so that He can transform our lives more and more into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ. Ali