Let Jesus work in your life

John 6:1-15: This week I was given two rainbow trout from Masoud’s recent fishing expedition. I was surprised to benefit from Masoud’s catch. However, he had caught so many fish that it was a great result all round to pass two onto me. For the record they were the largest rainbow trout I have ever seen. I was reminded of the story in John 6:1-15 feeding the 5000 – the rainbow trout will definitely feed a few and it reminded me of the power of generosity. Small actions can have significant impact in our local communities, in our nation and elsewhere in the world. Masoud’s fishing reminded me of the story where a small boy, with a basket of five loaves and two fish, witnessed first-hand Jesus’ ability to overcome doubt and despair and multiply blessings so that they not only met the present needs but overflowed all the expectations of the crowd. Not only did Jesus provide enough for the crowd – he over-catered! I love how our everyday lives draw on the experiences and teaching from Jesus and I encourage you all to see how Jesus can work in your daily life. Claire