This week I revisited a prayer which begins with the phrase, “Jesus, please help me to pursue what matters most to you.” The word ‘pursue’ drew my attention because it is associated with striving to attain an end goal. I had to ask myself what is it that I pursue in my life, what is it that influences my decisions? Recently, as a church we have revisited the prayer from the inauguration service of our building – “Bind the congregation with a true unity, a fellowship of believers, pledged to serve the one Master and seek first the Kingdom of God” (Matt. 6v33). Here we find that same inference of striving. The decisions we each make should, in fact, reveal that Jesus and the things that are close to His heart are our priority. Recently I received an email from a friend telling me of his visit to the grave of T. E Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, and my curiosity was aroused. Here was a gifted man who spent his years from 1916 -1918 striving alongside the local Arab population in pursuit of an Allied victory and a hoped-for independence. This was a time of war and so all his energy was directed to achieving a distinct goal. On February 16th we as a church made a unanimous decision to become an independent evangelical church. We believe that this is God’s will and purpose for us, therefore, we need to pursue that end with all the energy and drive that we have,  because ultimately this will impact on the eternal destiny of many people. In effect we are in a spiritual war and this needs to be our focus. Each one of us can play a part, by praying, by giving a word of encouragement and by being available to share or help. On Monday (May 16th) at 4.30pm there is a meeting of Elders with Synod representatives. Please pray that they recognise God’s hand at work and have a desire to support this decision. Over the coming weeks there are numerous meetings. Please strive to attend. As the leadership team tackle the numerous tasks to make all this happen, please continue to support us and encourage us. Bryan