Trust More, Fret Less!

Each week in our small groups we are given challenges to explore further our relationship with God’s Holy Spirit in the intervening days. One such challenge was to “Engage in an activity that makes you feel truly alive, one which serves to feed your soul and draws you near to God”. What would you choose to do? I know that when I drive my MX5 with the top down it will put a smile on my face but does it feed my soul? I think the nearest I get to this is when I’m out walking with my dog; there’s something about being out in the country that seems to naturally draw me to prayer. Recently, with our 10 week old grandson, Elijah in hospital, I was out walking when I came across this verse which did feed my soul! Ps. 112.7 NLT “They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the Lord to care for them.” I didn’t immediately become oblivious of what was happening around me but it just helped me to be less of a knee-jerk reactionary, and more accepting that God has everything in hand. A prayer by Scotty Smith: ‘Father. Grant us Good News hearts in a bad news world. Free us to trust more and fret less, pray more and stew less, worship more and worry less.‘ Bryan