We are part of the big picture!

Colossians 1:1-14: This letter starts with broad, huge themes. Paul reminds them that the good news is going all over the world. It speaks of Paul’s concern for all who haven’t met Him. It speaks of God’s mighty power over all and the energy and strength He gives to believers. He talks of physical creation and mental and spiritual things – wisdom and understanding. This from a man whose freedom is severely curtailed by the world’s standards. He is desperate for the Colossians to stick with the truth they have heard and responded to about Jesus. Jesus is the one and only truth. ‘I am the way the truth’ … what is the truth about Jesus? Everything was created by Him, for Him and He holds everything together. He was before everything and He has reconciled everything. His encouragement to them is to see themselves as part of this big picture and keep going. I wanted to share again some of the service that Anita presented. As a church we have raised the challenge of disciple making and growing and I see these verses in Colossians as encouragement to help with this vision.